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#29 Representation is Communication

#29 Representation is Communication

We make the pitch for our meeting this Saturday

Madisonian Republicans Leadership Positions

President: Jeff Mayhugh

Vice President: John Beatty

Senate: Daniel Beatty, Philip Oravetz, Craig Stewart (looking for eight members)

Policy Director: Responsible for the team writing policy for state and federal

Policy Director: 

Policy Team Members: Jeff Mayhugh, John Beatty

Business manager: Responsible for filing paperwork and managing funds.

Social Media Director: Responsible for managing social media accounts and social media advertising.

Education Director: Responsible for team producing materials and teaching classes.

Educational Director: Jeff Mayhugh

Educational Team Members: John Beatty, Daniel Beatty, Philip Oravetz, Craig Stewart 

Events Coordinator: Responsible for planning, organizing, and scheduling events

Fundraising Coordinator: Responsible for fundraising.

Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers who can assist with fundraising, outreach, and other campaign activities.

Political Consultants: Responsible for training and educating local candidates

Members: Jeff Mayhugh, John Beatty

Legal Counsel: Responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable campaign finance and election laws. This may include advising on fundraising practices, coordinating with government agencies, and defending the organization against legal challenges.

Communications Director: The communications director is responsible for developing and executing the organization’s messaging and public relations strategy. This may include creating advertising campaigns, issuing press releases, and coordinating media outreach.

Field Director: The field director is responsible for coordinating grassroots outreach efforts, including canvassing, phone banking, and voter engagement drives. 

Politics and Parenting
Politics and Parenting Podcast
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