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#62 He's running!

#62 He's running!

John announces his candidacy for Virginia's 10th Congressional district, and Jeff is helping him win!

John Beatty believes that America’s system of government is inching perilously closer toward a cliff. Social media, cancel culture, and political polarization in our nation have pulled us apart. Our nation was founded on the idea of “e pluribus unum” or “out of many, one.” Virginians in the state's 10th District are now just “one of many.”

Regarding the sour state of American politics, John Beatty says, “Politics has broken down. Our politicians prioritize attacking one another personally on and off the television, and the House floor is nothing but a stage for performance on C-SPAN. Our representatives no longer represent the people, and the people know it.” John continued, “Something has to change, and it's not just who represents Virginia’s 10th District. We need to reform the way the federal government works. That will require boldness and a leader focused on restoring the people's power in the House of Representatives. I am prepared to do just that.” 

The Beatty campaign will focus on three R’s—Reform, Representation, and the Republic. Congress must be reformed to expand representation for Americans. To secure our future, we must look to America’s past and rediscover republican principles of government.

John Beatty will work toward the following:

                        I.         Uncap the House by introducing a new apportionment bill.

                       II.         Create a new set of rules in the House of Representatives to balance power between the Speaker and the People's Representatives. 

                      III.         Write new campaign finance legislation limiting the influence of “dark” money in American elections.

                      IV.         Introduce a bill instituting term limits for congressional members. 

John Beatty is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the Director of Information Technology at The Heights School. He lives in Lovettsville with his wife Katie and their seven children. A devout Catholic, John is a parishioner of St. Francis de Sales Parish, and looks foremost to his faith and his family for guidance. John believes in God, honor, fairness, and forgiveness, which are the traits missing in many of our national legislators. His campaign will engage the unengaged with compassion and civilized debate. 

 John and his team are excited to work tirelessly not just on winning the election but preparing to govern once elected. 

 Learn more about John Beatty and his vision at www.beattyfor.us

Media inquiries: 

Jeff Mayhugh, (571) 261-8231 or info@beattyfor.us

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