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Do you want to know what I think about Joe Biden?


I don’t often discuss Joe Biden because, in the grand scheme of things, he is, well, irrelevant. He is a compromise president destined to be forgotten once the American people get their act together and elect better representatives. He will join the likes of James Buchanan and Franklin Pierce as presidents who were just not up for the task.

In addition to his failings as a leader, he is also suffering from what all people suffer from as they age—life. It gets the best of us, and Father Time is undefeated. It’s clear that Uncle Joe from Scaton isn’t the same guy, and it’s time for his friends and family to convince him to retire.

The entire situation is sad. As a parent, I am sad because watching a person lose themselves is hard, much less when it happens on the biggest stage in the world. As a citizen historian, I am sad because America is better than this. The presidency is a place where leaders rise to the challenges of the time, and Biden is not rising; he’s fading.

This is no declaration to support Trump. This is simply what I see, and many citizens I speak with see the same thing. We have eyes. I challenge any Republican who sees Trump as a threat to climb the desk and take a different perspective. While Trump is bad, Biden is also not the guy. Instead of forcing the American people to decide between bad or worse, focus on finding a solution. Focus on finding and lifting up new leaders who will act according to the Constitution and the will of the people. Focus on Congress.

Peace and Love,

Jeff Mayhugh

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