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Hope for the future

Talking the problems of today

On the pod today, I am joined by Scott Howard, a recent University of Flordia graduate, former National Review intern, and Freemen News-Letter submissions editor. Scott and I discussed the recent Supreme Court decision in Trump vs. the United States, the overturning of the Chevron doctrine, and the mess of a presidential debate last week.

The future may look bleak to some, but the next generation is ready and capable of leading. Our nation is focused too much on the few who understand little and seek to divide and not enough on the many who are well-informed and trying to unite.

On this Independence Day, I want to remind you that James Monroe was a teenager when he signed up to fight in the American Revolution. James Madison was only 25 as a delegate to the Virginia Convention and 29 at the Continental Congress.

So, let’s commit to turning away from divisive leaders like Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity and focus on the next group of leaders—people like Scott. Let’s support them and create opportunities for them to be successful.

Peace and Love,

Jeff Mayhugh

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