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The System is Spoiled

A conversation with Michael Wolraich

On today’s pod, I am joined by Michael Wolraich, author of The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age. We discuss his new article in Time Magazine How Donald Trump’s Plans Could Bring Back the Spoils System.

A spoils system is the kryptonite of a republican government.

It is a system of party politics where power is concentrated to advance party interests, and patronage is used to reward friends and punish political opponents. A spoils system implemented in a republic for over two generations becomes spoiled. Concentrated power inside a party seeks to undermine the elective process through confusion and division. Spoiled power is entitled, incompetent, and corrupt. It leads nations to war and divides them from within.

Citizens who want to be good stewards of our Republican government should understand spoiled politics so they can elect better representatives who will prioritize the people's interests over the interests of the parties.

Michael has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. You can follow him on X @wolraich and threads @michaelwolraich. His website is There, you can find links to all his books and writing.

Peace and Love,

Jeff Mayhugh

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