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Wonka, Political Parties, and No Cap Fund

In this episode, I discuss the Wonka movie and how it relates to the rise of corporate power in America. I also continue the series on political parties, diving deep into the Federalists and Republicans of the 1790s. In the last segment, I laid out some marketing and leadership ideas for the No Cap Fund.


Wonka is a delightful movie to watch with kids of all ages. Wonka is scammed by the fine print in a contract and bullied out of the candy market by a corrupt group of corporations that blackmail local law enforcement to do their bidding. Wonka overcomes these obstacles with hard work, persistence, and hope.

Political Parties (23:56)

In the continuing series on political parties, I dive into the Federalists and Republicans. I discuss how the parties were born of interests and principles. The Federalist's interests were the wealthy and well-connected. Their governing principles were that of Executive and Judicial power to make an immediate change. The Republican's interests were the common man, the farmer, and small industry. Their principles were that of using Congress at the State and Federal level to enact change incrementally over time.

No Cap Fund (49:30)

In the last segment, I share some of the marketing material I have created for No Cap Fund, an organization dedicated to uncapping the House of Representatives. I also discuss what makes good design, marketing, and leadership. If you want to learn more, please visit our website,

I hope you enjoy the episode. Please leave a comment or question after watching or listening. You can watch it here or on YouTube and listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Peace and Love,

Jeff Mayhugh

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