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Me vs. You

Red vs. Blue

My good friend over at Written Works, Craig T. Stewart, recommended this song by Tom MacDonald called Me vs. You. Craig is a smart guy, so I followed his advice and shot a video with my thoughts on the song. In the podcast, I discuss what I think about the lyrics and how the song captures the moment of American Division.

The song identifies the source of power, the executive branch and political parties, and how they gain and maintain power by dividing citizens using emotion. I discuss how a spoiled system of politics drives the division and how citizens must understand their responsibilities and hold representatives accountable in our self-governing republic if they want freedom.

Check out my interview with Michael Wolraich for more on the spoils system. And if you are looking for a guide to fulfilling your responsibilities as a citizen in our self-governing republic, check out my Father’s Day post on The Responsibility of Fatherhood and Self Government.

Oh, and my good friend Craig has a new book out called Emergence: Fall of the West, a follow-up to Emergence. You can purchase them both on Amazon.

Peace and Love,

Jeff Mayhugh

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